Recent statistics regarding piracy are continuing to show an increase in attacks as well as an increase in the number of successful hijackings taking place on a worldwide basis

Hugo Rosemont, security policy adviser to A|D|S, takes a look at the UK security industry’s contribution to national resilience

The Home Office has launched a consultation paper that outlines new ways to change the face of policing for the better, over the next five years

With the Vancouver Winter Olympics now a fading memory and the long-awaited World Cup over, the British Security Industry Association’s project director for 2012, David Evans, investigates what security challenges may lie ahead for London in 2012

Over 200 senior representatives from the police and other emergency services, government departments and Olympic partners recently completed a major national exercise to test event security preparedness

HMG Security Policy Framework, published by the Cabinet Office in May 2010, outlines the mandatory security requirements and management arrangements to which all government departments and agencies must adhere. CTB Magazine summarises its Counter Terrorism chapter

Threat profiling and the intelligent use of technology by Dr. James Ionson

How can public sector organisations make sure they have the right security systems in place to protect them from a terrorist attack in these financially constrained times, asks Ian Johnson, the BSIA’s Security Consultancies Section Chairman

<p>The threat of terrorist attack remains one of the most significant concerns facing governments and private sector organisations worldwide. <br /><br /><img src="../images/stories/news/ctbpanel.png" border="0" alt="Counter Terror Business Magazine" align="right" />Aside from its devastating effect on society and the global markets, the cost of the September 11th attack on the United States has been estimated to be in the region of 2 trillion US dollars.  To address the risk, Governments around the world have increased funding in counter-terrorism, and are investing heavily in intelligence, technology and human resources in order to protect people and assets. <br /><br />Counter Terror Business magazine, launched in 2010, is a specialist publication distributed to heads of security, intelligence officers, procurement officials and department heads in local and central government. Its target audience includes the Intelligence Services, Police, Home Office, Ministry of Defence, Border Control, Customs, Aviation and Port Authorities. Also included in its distribution are heads of private sector concerns and other organisations involved in security and defence.</p>
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