How to protect your business against cyber attacks

Lisa Ventura looks at how sophisticated cyber attacks impact businesses and what can be done to prevent them

Cyber terrorism: Waging war through the internet

The cyber world has truly become the next geo-political battleground, and everyone is target, says Trevor Reschke

Terrorists and the Web 2.0: the new challenges

Joe Whittaker and Amy-Louise Watkin discuss the regulation of online propaganda from a range of social media platforms

Operating in a secure online environment

With technology now prevalent in all areas of life, security of devices should be encouraged in the same way as physical security, writes Hannah Khoo

Encryption and online messaging, a terrorist enabler?

Ahead of the UK Security Expo, Philip Ingram looks at some of the security issues that will form some of the discussions

A new approach for cyber security in the UK

As the threat of terrorism becomes far more than just a physical danger, cyber security increases in importance within the UK

Hiding behind the Great British Firewall

Following GCHQ’s plans to create a protective British Firewall, Counter Terror Business asks whether sharing cyber strength is a weakness waiting to be exploited?

How to combat the cyber threat

Andrew Scott, of the Business Continuity Institute, analyses how likely it is that your organisation will suffer from a cyber attack and the best ways to combat the danger

Risk appetite is considered the volume of risk that an organisation is willing to take in order to meet their strategic objectives. Adrian Wright, vice president of research at the UK chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, explores risk appetite in more detail.

Cyber Security - The lone wolf terrorist and the deep, dark web

The potential that the internet poses for terrorists and criminals is developing at an alarming rate. The Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Planning asks how can we be cyber secure?

Investigatory Powers BillIs everyone a suspect?

Professor Mike Jackson, IT and cyber security expert at Birmingham City University’s Business School, examines the proposed ‘Investigatory Powers Bill’

Three years after the National Cyber Security Strategy was launched, the government has published a report on its progress and its future plans to thwart cyber crime

Amar Singh of international IT governance association ISACA reports on the damage denial of service (DoS) attacks can do and shares advice on how organisations can protect themselves

The Security Institute’s Mike Gillespie highlights why those that protect the UK’s critical national infrastructure need to anticipate threats and monitor the technological supply chain

Whatever the size or location of the firm, processes must be in place to be able to deal with a cyber attack, should one occur, urges Andrew Scott at the Business Continuity Institute