International Security Expo: Exercising contingency plans

Ahead of the International Security Expo, CTB talks to Brian Dillon about the importance of crisis management planning

Preparing for a digital disruption

Andrew Scott, of the Business Continuity Institute, discusses the growing threat of digital disruption to organisations

The growing fear of a physical security incident

With cyber threats remaining a top concern for many organisations, Andrew Scott, of the Business Continuity Institute, says that physical threats are not be ignored either.

The during and after of business continuity

With the frequency of terror attacks seeming to increase, and the location predictability less so, Andrew Scott looks at business continuity during and after a terrorist attack.

Business Continuity Awareness Week 2013 will help deepen your understanding of business continuity and the role it plays in mitigating the risks that threaten your organisation

UK PLC cannot afford complacency regarding terrorist activity that could take place in the UK. However there ongoing activities taking place, to improve businesses resilience, writes Colin Ive MBCI.

Lyndon Bird of the Business Continuity Institute looks at ways to respond to a major incidence and explains what benefits training in crisis management techniques can bring to your organisation

Lyndon Bird, director of the Business Continuity Institute, looks at terrorism as a threat to business continuity and its potential to interupt activity, and how to approach prevention