World Border Security Congress 2018

The most engaging discussions in border management – the World Border Security Congress

The World Border Security Congress recently announced the preliminary congress programme for the 2018 event.

The international border security community gathers in Madrid, Spain on 20th-22nd March 2018 to discuss the latest issues, challenges and solutions facing the industry.

The past few years has seen unprecedented crisis on a global scale, from the Middle East warring factions creating mass refugee movements across Europe, illegal economic migrants from Africa and Asia have created increasing challenges for the international border management and security community.

As the global migration crisis continues, the challenges faced by the global border management community show little sign of abating. As the war against IS in Iraq, Syria and Libya approaches its conclusion, returning IS fighters will continue to exploit the crisis to infiltrate fighters into Europe, the USA and elsewhere. Borders in the Middle East and Africa remain porous and will continue to provide challenges.

Human traffickers especially use the crisis and the opportunities it affords to maximise their trade in human misery.

International organised criminal gangs continue to thrive with both drug and human traffickers utilising the dark web and new technology to assist their activities.

It must be the aim of every border management agency to continuously improve and evolve to meet the challenges of future by fully embracing technology and taking every opportunity to meet, share and co-operate!

We need to continue the discussion, collaboration and intelligence sharing.

Supported by the Organisation for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the European Association of Airport and Seaport Police (EAASP), National Security & Resilience Consortium, International Security Industry Organisation and International Association of CIP Professionals, the World Border Security Congress is the premier multi-jurisdictional global platform where the border protection policy-makers, management and practitioners together with security industry professionals, convene to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting borders.

The Congress programme will deliver high level discussions and a series of Closed Agency Only Workshops for promoting greater collaboration on the international challenges.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, you are cordially invited to Madrid, Spain on 20th-22nd March 2018 for World Border Security Congress, the premier annual gathering of border and migration management professionals.

Enhancing Border Security Through Constructive Dialogue

Topics of discussion at the 2018 World Border Security Congress will cover:

Identifying and understanding the latest and evolving threats and challenges for border agencies
What are the latest developing threats and challenge of keeping people and trade moving whilst enhancing security in the terrorist age -Safety-Security and Speed

Foreign fighters and counter-terrorism strategies at the border
As more and more foreign fighters return from the conflict zones of the Middle East, what are the current and future strategies to identify and impede the flow of foreign terrorists, such as the adoption of API and PNR. What are the profiling and behavioural indicators for identifying foreign terrorist fighters and how do we stay ahead of the game?

Implementation of Advance Passenger Information
Advancing the use of API and PNR, bridging the gaps that prevent full exploitation of the significant advantages these systems offer for improved border management.

Coordinating Coastal and Maritime Border Surveillance
Proper and efficient co-ordination of maritime, coastal, port and land border surveillance systems is essential in securing national borders. How is this best achieved across multiple agencies and what systems are needed to do the job?

Big Data and how to use it at the border
With massive amounts of data from legacy systems, sharing info from others. How do you get info out of silos and used in collaboration. How can social media be best used to identify and detect threats.

Counter-Strategies for Human and Drug Trafficking

What are the most effective strategies and what other strategies and technologies need to be employed for disrupting the global trade in drugs and human beings that flow towards the developed world

Surveillance Systems and Technologies on the Border
How far are we from the development and implementation of future technologies for really smart border control? What are the technology gaps and how do we close them?

Future trends in International Border Management
The border community are facing extraordinary set of challenges in the increasingly globalised world of the early 21st century. What are the changes and trends in border management that will equip us to meet the challenges of today and the challenges of the future?

Further details on the full programme and registration to attend the Congress in Madrid in March 2018 can be found at

The World Border Security Congress is a high level 3 day event that will discuss and debate current and future policies, implementation issues and challenges as well as new and developing technologies that contribute towards safe and secure border and migration management.

We need to continue the discussion, collaboration and intelligence sharing.

The World Border Security Congress is the premier multi-jurisdictional transnational platform where the border protection, management and security industry policy-makers and practitioners convene to discuss the international challenges faced in protecting borders.

The Full Preliminary Congress Programme guide (pdf version) can be downloaded direct from the World Border Security Congress website.

Mar 20 2018 to Mar 22 2018
Marriott Auditorium Hotel, Madrid

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