connect:ID 2018


In 2018, the fifth edition of the connect:ID event will bring together 1,400 attendees for insight, education, innovation and, most importantly, to do business.

connect:ID is centered around the integration and convergence of different identity technologies and how this is accelerating the delivery of real solutions to big problems and creating value.
Through engaging dialogues, interactions with key constituencies, and expansion of technical knowledge, connect:ID will bring the key professionals together to chart an exciting path forward.
connect:ID encompasses an in-depth conference and free 100-booth exhibition and will be held from 30 April – 2 May 2018 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. The event attracts high-level identity and security professionals from government and the private sector.

The mix of in-depth conference tracks, innovations and real-world applications alongside product launches, live demonstrations, free seminars, a Start-Up Zone, and other exciting features creates an unmissable event.

Cutting-edge Exhibition
1-2 May, 2018
To accommodate demand, the 2018 exhibition has expanded by a third, to 100 booths, allowing a wider breadth of leading organizations to showcase their cutting-edge solutions.

On display will be:

  • Biometric technologies and associated infrastructure and hardware - including mobile units.
  • Products and services for the manufacture, personalization, supply and verification of smart, secure credentials such as e-Passports, national ID cards, drivers’ licenses, corporate/government access cards, e-Health and other smart cards.
  • Cutting-edge document security features that can counter fraud, and the latest in advanced smart card technology.
  • Digital Identity Systems critical for a plethora of online, mobile and personal identity applications, including security, financial services, government, healthcare, m-commerce, and enterprise solutions.

The exhibition will, for the first time, include a Start-up Zone, where young businesses can gain vital exposure to high-level buyers and influencers from government and industry across the world.

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge and includes access to two free Knowledge Exchange Theatres, which will allow all attendees to network with each other, and access inspirational free seminars from industry thought leaders.

Multi-track conference
30 April – 2 May, 2018

A newly-structured three-strand conference will demonstrate how government, industry, and consumers use identity solutions to accomplish their goals. The role of biometrics, digital ID, and next-generation secure credentials will be front and centre, with vertical markets such as border management and fintech playing critical roles.

Key themes for connect:ID 2018:

  • Identity for the People
 - Governments around the world are looking for identity technologies that improve the lives and security of their citizens, including advanced citizen services, refugee handling and equitable aid distribution, in addition to enforcement, border management, and defence. At the same time, identity technologies are evolving for consumer facing applications and connect:ID will provide valuable insights into the future course of new identity solutions for consumers, such as next-generation payments or healthcare ID.

  • Mobility Secured
 - Mobile authentication is exploding, and yet we’ve only scratched the surface of the potential. connect:ID will dive deep into the topic to explore the needs of financial services and other industries that are adopting new authentication technology not only to improve their customers’ experience, but to deliver entirely new mobile services in new markets. We will hear directly from key players about the challenges they face and how they are leveraging mobile to break moulds.

  • Not Your Father’s Documents
 - As the identity world grows more sophisticated, so do the documents that form the foundation of its day-to-day operations. Looking at the latest trends in physical document security – and emerging digital credentials – connect:ID 2018 will examine the critical technology trends that are shaping the world of documents. 

  • Securing Identity Data
 - The secure distributed ledger capabilities of block chain technology, in addition to underpinning developments like crypto-currency, also can facilitate securing documents for identity, supply chain, contracts as well as securing transactions on the internet. This potential and implications will be analyzed in depth at connect:ID. 

  • The Rise of AI - Machine learning is an important frontier in next-generation identity solutions. Greater computing power and open source platforms are accelerating performance gains in a wide range of technologies, including facial recognition, behavioral biometrics, and continuous authentication. The gains are so dramatic that they warrant a fresh look at policy, best practices, and technical standards – issues connect:ID 2018 will address head-on. 

  • Getting Onboard
 - For some applications, biometrics, secure documents, and other advanced identity technologies are only useful to the degree that we are already known. To truly authenticate an identity requires proving who you are in the first place. Throughout government and commercial sectors we find the need to conduct thorough, fraud-resistant identity proofing before onboarding a new employee, customer or a citizen into a program or service. connect:ID will explore this important and rapidly evolving field and how it fits into the bigger picture. 

  • Crystal Ball - 
The futurists of our industry offer remarkable visions of the promise of identity, where it needs to go, and how it can fundamentally change how we walk through the world. What if everyone on the planet had a recognized identity? How would we achieve it? How do we maintain our privacy and safety in such a world? connect:ID will look out at the horizon to ponder what could be and what direction we should be headed. 

  • Identity of Things - 
As if authenticating people isn’t hard enough, what happens when most of the people interacting on the internet aren’t people at all? The challenge is mind-boggling in its scale and complexity. The lack of solutions for a secure Internet of Things threatens to severely dampen its potential. connect:ID will flesh out the topic from an identity perspective.

connect:ID is hosted by the highly-influential and experienced teams from Science Media Partners (SMP) and the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA).

IBIA is the leading Association in the biometric and identity sector, while SMP is a respected publishing and events company with, SecurityDocumentWorld. com and the London SDW Event in its growing portfolio.

“Solutions leveraging the latest identity technologies have the power to transform the way we live our lives as citizens and consumers, as well as provide tangible benefits for governments and businesses. With new initiatives and our strong track record of delivering inspiring identity events, we are confident that connect:ID 2018 will provide extraordinary learning and business opportunities for all those involved with identity technology.” Science Media Partners’ Managing Director, Mark Lockie,

“connect:ID is a flagship event for the biometrics and identity technology community. Every year, the industry and IBIA members look forward to this vital conference to connect with government and enterprise customers, to exchange ideas on operational challenges, new solutions, and how to bring innovative solutions to market. From the policies that drive requirements to exciting new technologies, connect:ID is the premier forum for everyone interested in biometrics and identity technology and solutions.” Tovah LaDier, IBIA’s Managing Director

Find out more and buy your conference pass or register to attend the free exhibition by visiting our website.

Apr 30 2018 to May 2 2018
The Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC

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