LawMate UK

LawMate UK, the market leading British distributors of advanced covert surveillance technology, is gearing up for yet another exciting year as products evolve to further assist security professionals.


Trend of consumerisation of technology in defence, security and blue light

foreseeti is a developer and vendor of CAD tools for analysing the cyber security of IT systems

Water Direct

What would be the impact on your organisation of an interruption to the usual water supply?

Panzer Cases

Panzer Cases are specialist IP rated, heavy-duty, protective hard cases, travel cases and flight cases.

KBC Networks Ltd

Our modern telecommunication infrastructure carries sensitive information via a variety of network technologies, creating a cyber headache for security directors.

SeeQuestor, the fully integrated system designed to radically improve the speed and capacity of handling video footage by law enforcement agencies, has been launched in London.

The rogue cell/IMSI catcher hack and how 4G won’t necessarily solve the problem

Audax is a company at the forefront of mobile, digital evidence gathering technology.

Ginsbury Displays

There are many ways in which display hardware designed for military purposes must distinguish itself from the hardware meant for standard commercial use.

Frontier Pitts Ltd

Frontier Pitts Ltd is the British Manufacturer of Security Gates, Automatic Barriers, Bollards, Blockers and Turnstiles.

Cyber-attacks continue. They will do so for the foreseeable future too and they are now a fact of life for all organisations.

CCTV makes up a small but vital cog in the counter terror machine in the UK.

Me and You Education is a collaboration between two companies, two individuals whose divergent backgrounds and with deep insights into the murky and complex world of Counter Terrorism.


From the outside it looks like an innocuous freight container but the reality is a highly sophisticated life support system that can protect personnel for up to 96 hours after an external loss of power.


Supplier Profiles

Soliton Systems

As a leading Japanese technology company, Soliton Systems develop innovative solutions for IT security, outside live video streaming and unique solutions for specific needs.