Law enforcement faces a myriad of challenges from violent extremism and crime with many agencies lacking the resources or expertise to up-skill their staff to match the requirement.

This renowned online professional development course delivers the critical theory and knowledge to assist individuals and organisations meet the challenges of the evolving terrorist threat.

Assa Abloy

Steve Wintle, Head of Professional End User Division, Abloy UK discusses the role of access control in securing organisations and CNI against terror attacks, and explains the best product solutions to combat any threats posed.

Lincoln Security Ltd

Since 1974, we at Lincoln Security Ltd have always been keen early adopters for the innovative we see in the security industry.


Trend of consumerisation of technology in defence, security and blue light

foreseeti is a developer and vendor of CAD tools for analysing the cyber security of IT systems

Water Direct

What would be the impact on your organisation of an interruption to the usual water supply?

SeeQuestor, the fully integrated system designed to radically improve the speed and capacity of handling video footage by law enforcement agencies, has been launched in London.

The rogue cell/IMSI catcher hack and how 4G won’t necessarily solve the problem

Audax is a company at the forefront of mobile, digital evidence gathering technology.

At Red Tulip Systems, our vision is to be the world's largest virtual mobile device (VMD) provider, delivering a secure and consistent work platform to governments and corporations.


Supplier Profiles

Black Watch Tactical

Being a trusted advisor to the Security Industry you have to that one to one commitment with your client and visualize what they require in the way of service and when the time is right act.