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Our Story

TSP Projects is an innovative solutions driven company which prides itself on delivering engineering projects and products tailored to client’s needs, from feasibility and design through manufacture and on-site installation.

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering business that provides a full range of services, from consultancy, design and engineering to manufacture, installation and on-site project management.

We serve many different and demanding market sectors including transportation, perimeter defence and security, energy and power, construction, nuclear and industrial.

Our portfolio of award winning projects include the redevelopment of King’s Cross Station, Reading Station Area Redevelopment, Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, Westminster Streetscape and the 2012 Olympic Park including external venues.

Our customers range from central Government to major developers, contractors, manufacturers and other blue chip companies. Examples include Network Rail, Carillion, Morgan Sindall, Clugston, Lagan Construction, HM Government and Sellafield Ltd.

Our consultancy business features specialist engineering teams that work closely together to provide their expert knowledge across multi-discipline projects.

Our experience means that we can tailor solutions to meet the needs of the client and the needs of the site.

Perimeter Defence and Security

Our expertise in perimeter defence and security includes survey, multi-disciplinary design and environmental services, manufacturing and project delivery including principal contracting, operations and maintenance.

TSP Projects firmly believe that people have the fundamental right to attend their place of work, to gather in large numbers (to celebrate or worship), and to go about their daily lives knowing that governments and institutions have taken appropriate precautions to ensure their safety. TSP Projects have been operating a Perimeter Defence and Security business for several years; originally based primarily around the British Steel proprietary composite material “Bi-Steel” the portfolio of products and services has evolved over time into the ability to offer full turn-key services covering a range of perimeter security and protective construction requirements.

We provide specialist solutions for perimeter defence and security applications to protect people and vital infrastructure assets, including the design, installation and project management of robust physical security measures to protect against incidents both accidental and deliberate.

Perimeter Defence and Security Projects

  • High performance blast protection and hostile vehicle mitigation solutions
  • Systems in use protecting key Critical National Infrastructure sites including commercial, Government and military sites. These include the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Streetscape and major UK airports
  • Products have been independently tested to relevant HVM Testing Standards and other recognized Government agency requirements
  • Protective Construction
  • Complete blast protective structures
  • Blast protection for critical parts of a building
  • Blast containment structures
  • Blast walls
  • Ballistic solutions.

Professionally Managed Physical Security Solutions

  • Complete turnkey project solutions
  • Security review – identification and mitigation of threats including Deadly And Determined Attack (DADA)
  • Advanced engineering and solution design, including product sourcing and integration
  • Installation and full projects management, including associated civils works.

Perimeter Security and HVM

  • Permanent HVM walls and bollards – our hostile vehicle mitigation measures deliver unrivalled protection designed to blend in with the local streetscape
  • HVM redeployable barriers, gates and pedestrian portals – surface mounted so easily installed, removed or reconfigured
  • Secure fencing solutions – pedestrian control and access denial.

Permanent Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

TSP Projects have developed a range of walling foundation systems which require the minimum of foundation provision whilst offering the highest levels of protection. Minimising the foundation size can have a massive impact on project out-turn cost by reducing or removing the need for expensive and time consuming service diversions. We also offer an exceptional bollard foundation system which has been successfully crash tested in accordance with BSI PAS68.

Used predominately for the Westminster Streetscape project, our walling systems can offer extremely high levels of protection from repeated ramming and the design maximises the blast resistance capability of the Bi-Steel material. This ensures that in the event of a coordinated hostile vehicle and blast attack the material that provides the protection does not become fragmented, causing increased damage and loss of life.

  • Permanent HVM walls and bollards – hostile vehicle mitigation measures deliver unrivalled protection designed to blend in with the local streetscape
  • Proven PAS 68 rated protection - against unauthorised vehicle access, criminal and VBIED attack
  • Modular off-site construction - enables rapid on-site installation
  • Security that blends with the streetscape - aesthetically appealing and architecturally versatile.

Redeployable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

TSP Projects redeployable perimeter and stand-off protection solutions have been designed to deliver unrivalled protection for people and assets against VBIED and other explosive attacks The systems can be deployed quickly with minimal disruption, typically on a short or medium term basis, providing an ideal solution for both security sensitive locations or temporary events.

The system incorporates a variety of anti-attack vehicle barriers designed to control or prevent access to security sensitive locations. The barriers can be painted in a range of colours with a standard or premium high gloss finish. The highly redeployable nature of the system means it can be put into position quickly and then subsequently moved or reconfigured as the need arises, creating a legacy security solution that can be easily adapted to meet changing client requirements.

Our range of redeployable HVM products have formed the basis for the United Kingdom’s National Barrier Asset for the past decade and continue to be deployed at key locations around iconic sites in London and other major UK cities as and when required.

TSP Projects delivers peace of mind to our customers by offering a complete turnkey project service, including security reviews, security solution design, project management, installation, maintenance and full after-sales service. Our team is available to assist at all stages of a project.

  • Flexible configurations – schemes can be designed to meet the needs of a wide range of site parameters
  • Rapid deployment – units are transported on flatbed trucks for quick and easy unloading
  • Security that blends with the environment – specific colour and traffic management options are available
  • Ballistics - tested for BR7 for 7.62mm A.P and 12.7mm (0.5cal) A.P with no spall to BS EN 1063.

Protective Construction

By working with various configurations of the Bi-Steel material, TSP Projects are able to offer unrivalled blast, ballistic and physical attack resistant construction for compound walling, safe and secure zones within buildings or entire building envelopes.

This has been demonstrated around the world with Bi-Steel being used for the outer compound walling for several embassies, cash and data centres. In addition to the High Walling, we have also built entire Modular Guard Houses and even larger facilities on military bases where a high degree of protection is required.

The way we design our products to maximise the ease of construction means this allows our products to be installed quickly and without the need for specialist trades, plant or equipment. The Bi-Steel material can be fabricated into volumetric or panelised walling sections which fit together with a high degree of tolerance.

At TSP Projects, we offer products to meet the most demanding threats but we can also tailor our offering to suit the client’s needs down to the smallest detail.

  • Complete blast protective structures
  • Blast protection for critical parts of a building
  • Blast containment structures
  • Blast walls
  • Ballistic solutions.

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