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Vessel Arrest Systems (RGES International Ltd) is the global leader with ‘Less Than Lethal’ Boat Stopping Systems from ‘Small to Large’ Vessels.

Vessel Arrest Systems product portfolio has been tested and evaluated by the UK Home Office, MOD, DSTL and other International user groups for stopping vessels propellers by entangling them or stopping the boat with a physical floating lightweight fence.

Vessel Arrest Systems Product Portfolio

Dynamic Static
Vessel arrest Launcher Vessel Arrest Boom
Vessel Arrest Boom Vessel Arrest Fence
Vessel Arrest DHED Vessel Arrest DIED

Vessel Arrest Launcher – A lightweight compressed air launcher deploying a lightweight entanglement device.

Vessel Arrest Boom – A unique dynamic boom system or static boom that gives clear demarcation line and propeller entanglement capability and is deployable with IALA Zoning legislation. The system can have increased capabilities to the sea bed.

Vessel Arrest Fence – a lightweight-floating fence that can have increased capability added with systems to the seabed.

Vessel Arrest DHED – ‘Displacement Hull Entanglement Device’ in operational service stopping large vessels regularly.

Vessel Arrest leads support with its product portfolio to day to day marine policing, specialist maritime units, major events, port security and operational sustainability programmes to counter illegal fishing, Smuggling and Maritime Counter Terrorism.

Vessel Arrest Systems continue to support international user groups with Sales, Product Support, Operational Support with its through life support package.

Operational Programmes

The programmes completed to date and on-going to major activities are operational equipment deployed to Olympic Sites with a dynamic and static layered security plan with vessel arrest launchers, vessel arrest booms and vessel arrest fence.

Supporting ‘Port Security’ within military bases internationally from lone wolf boat attacks.

Vessel Arrest Systems runs many International large vessel-stopping programmes with its Vessel Arrest Systems DHED (Displacement Hull Entanglement Device).

Vessel Arrest Systems is very busy with dynamic solutions to combat high speed maritime smuggling activities.

Our approach to satisfying our new customer needs to show current capabilities with an open mind on ‘new customer needs’, we listen, and supply the appropriate resource and product capability tailored to the users specific operational requirement

Trust Vessel Arrest Systems to meet your operational needs .

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