Even small investments in security measures will help to protect your business against crime and terrorism but understanding the evolving threats you face is key to ensuring that any measures you take will be effective, proportionate and will provide you with value for money.

Security is a complex topic and requires a balance, ensuring that measures are sympathetic to architectural considerations; provide the appropriate level of security, work alongside existing operational requirements and eliminate a fortress mentality

SIDOS are a well-established, global security consultancy specialising in Security in Design. Their ethos, that solutions designed to protect your business, assets and operations, must be appropriate and proportionate.

What sets SIDOS apart from other consultancy practices is their ability to accommodate architectural concepts, public realm aspirations and bespoke client requirements. SIDOS propose solutions and compromises which maintain the necessary security in cost-effective and realistic ways, while still delivering the architectural vision.

SIDOS bring an intelligent link between Architects and Engineers which ensures security is not only considered but is delivered, on time and within budget. This unique approach has delivered many successful security projects which are wonderful to look at and effective for an assets daily operation.

The SIDOS team consists of a variety of specialist police and security personnel. The team have extensive expertise within the context of mass public transportation (in particular Rail Networks), they are also able to offer assistance and guidance within broader public realm projects, including those involving Critical National Infrastructure.

The Managing Director of SIDOS (UK & PACIFIC) - Linda Stevens, a former police officer, specialises in advising on security provision for residential and commercial assets using subtle natural defence methodologies; accommodating aesthetics and delivering practical security solutions resulting in effective protection.

Chris Stevens, Technical Security Director of SIDOS has personally developed and delivered security advice to many high profile and iconic projects and is currently engaged as the sole Project Technical Security Advisor on the London Crossrail project. Chris is also the exclusive advisor to the Sydney Metro and has given security advice for many other high-profile developments across the world.

SIDOS has a breadth of understanding of the demands facing real-life businesses and is used to liaising with the often-complex relationships between asset owners, project stakeholders and security services.

Whatever your security concerns are or whatever stage your project may be, if you believe that SIDOS may be able to assist, contact us.

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