Protecting crowded places, stadium and Critical National Infrastructure

Bristorm Hill & Smith are experienced in the design and manufacture of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions ideal for deterring vehicle borne attacks on perimeters, commercial locations, crowded places and Critical National Infrastructure, all across the world.

Their presence in the security market is recognised as they have been able to provide high quality and high-performance solutions consistently since 2007. To complement this, the level of service provided by the Bristorm team is often unprecedented as their experience has allowed them to become experts in their specific field.

Their hostile vehicle mitigation fencing solutions have evolved from the Hill & Smith wire rope technologies used within their highway safety restraint systems. Bristorm were able to innovate and expand on the functionality of these wire rope systems to ultimately create an exclusive range of security anti-vehicle fences with differing levels of performance. This makes them suitable for most global applications and allows the necessary security measures to be implemented in line with the perceived threat, which may include: terrorist, activist or theft related crime. Bristorm have designed and tested these systems at MIRA and TRL to BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170, IWA 14 and ASTM F2656 with different performance ratings to ensure cost-effective solutions can be provided that will safeguard any site, perimeter and crowded place located.

Over the years, Bristorm have worked alongside security professionals within a variety of different countries and have continued to innovate in order to meet the demands represented across these markets. Their Bristorm Zero, anti-vehicle security fence has been their latest innovation and has experienced global success. The Bristorm Zero Fence is tested to the same necessary standards and can offer both zero major debris and zero penetration by the attacking vehicle- ASTM F2656 M50 P1. This heightened level of security is suitably applied throughout high-profile sites and infrastructure especially when access beyond the perimeter is absolutely restricted; the errant vehicle is immobilised and the fence remains largely intact in anticipation of an attack from a secondary vehicle.

As Bristorm are members of the Hill & Smith Holdings Infrastructure Products Group, they’re always continuing to ensure they’re able to safeguard critical UK national infrastructure. Threats to the UK have recently changed which has encouraged security professionals to work with Bristorm to ensure new and appropriate solutions are available to mitigate ANY vehicle borne attack.

Bristorm have a turnkey range of BSI PAS 68 security bollards, tested to 30, 40 and 50mph. Their Bristorm Impeder bollard range is designed to provide differing levels of performance to counteract the perceived threats associated within that specific environment. These bollards can be used singularly or as a complete line, depending on the specific project requirements, therefore allowing their application to be extremely versatile. Bristorm also have NEW range of low speed, cost-effective Stopper Bollards tested to BSI PAS 170. These can be applied to any commercial, retail or vulnerable location to help mitigate accidental or intentional collisions caused by a passenger vehicle, travelling at either 10 or 20mph.

Analytics have determined there is an increased demand for subtle security solutions to be implemented throughout areas of heavy infrastructure and city centres; at even the simplest level, these systems are capable of controlling the flow of traffic by pedestrians and vehicles to help guarantee the safety of personnel at all times. These subtle solutions should complement the surroundings and some should provide additional services to pedestrians within these locations.

Bristorm have developed a high-quality range of bollard and street furniture sleeves that can be implemented appropriately to the street scene. Creating an aesthetically pleasing range of solutions is important for Bristorm as they’ve acknowledged a need for systems that are capable of integrating into the surrounding environment, that also perform to the high standard specified within a brief. Their range thus far includes: Bollards, Cycle Stands, Planters, Living Walls and most recently, a Pedestrian Guardrail unit (alternative designs can be developed).
To ensure this, their Impeder Bollards or Stopper Bollards will be used at the core to maintain the high-quality and high performance throughout. Their aesthetic sleeves will be sophisticated and contemporary to allow for the integration of additional services and branding requirements such as LED lighting and reflective strips. Bristorm are also looking to introduce a selection environmentally friendly covers, sleeves and modular components to aid architects when they’re trying to fulfil the ‘green’ aspects of a design brief. These multi-purpose systems will still prioritise performance, in line with Bristorm’s core business, but they will appeal to architects when HVM systems are specified.

Being specialists in the design and manufacture of hostile vehicle mitigation systems, their high regard for performance and quality is something that will be continued throughout their entire portfolio. Bristorm are continuing to innovate in line with the changing demands of the market to ensure the systems they provide are appropriate and reliable. Bristorm always encourages site owners and designers to identify potential threats at all stages of their evaluation to ensure that they have considered, not only the threat, but the impact the HVM systems could have on internal processes and functionality across the site.

All of their systems are tested at MIRA and TRL to BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170, IWA 14 and ASTM F2656. They are also members of the PSSA- Perimeter Security Suppliers Association and work alongside the organisation to ensure they’re meeting all the required standards set by the CPNI (Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure). They are also looking to work more with the PSSA to help inform the wider community just how important it is to have tested and reliable crash rated systems throughout the street scene. Bristorm’s range is expanding, but at a pace that allows them to ensure the quality of their systems is consistent throughout. Their entire range is inclusive of: Perimeter Wire Rope Fencing, High Security Beam Barriers, High Security Bollards, Low Speed PAS 170 Bollards, Impeder Sleeve Covers and PAS 68 and PAS 170 Street Furniture (Cycle Stand, Planters, Pedestrian Guardrail and Living Walls).

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