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Over recent years, the threat of terrorism has increased exponentially. In 2016 alone, there were 1,441 attacks on a global basis, resulting in 14,356 fatalities*. The threat is constantly evolving and the issue of national security and counter terrorism remains firmly at the top of government agendas.

Here, Ben Farrar, Market Development Manager of Traka, the industry leader in intelligent key cabinets and lockers systems, demonstrates the best product solutions for securely storing and controlling access to vulnerable keys and equipment.

The increasing threat of terrorism is a constant reminder that security can never be taken for granted. 2016 as a year proved that targets, often multi-site, are becoming more diverse and coordinated, as are the methods and people employed by those that seek to do us harm.

With the safety of millions constantly on our minds, we have an increasingly important role to play as the threat evolves. And ensure the security and management of not only vehicles at risk of car bombs, but also the protection of weapons, mobile phone devices and increasingly today, information and data.

Whilst there is every temptation to create a ring of steel around most vulnerable areas, it is often not a realistic solution.

Instead, there must be a balance of security created to manage access and equipment (varied from laptops to weapons management,) with the maintenance of a pleasant environment, which remains operational day-to-day. An ability to both keep general public safe, and ensure there is a constant state of reassurance. Terrorism wins when day-to-day activity is paralyzed by fear.

Balancing Technology

In response, security professionals are looking at ways to invest in technology to ensure vigilance, but also whereby physical security equipment becomes functional and unimposing for the benefit of staff, guests and visitors.

This often includes considerate use of sophisticated video surveillance, intrusion detection devices, CCTV, cyber-protection and access control, taking on board latest trends towards smart, wearable technologies and intelligent buildings, all to protect our people and equipment.

These security systems can naturally control access and identify unusual activity or suspects, but keeping all staff trained on separate, stand-alone systems whilst remaining vigilant at all times, can be challenging and must be addressed as part of broader objectives to keep the public safe.

Likewise, such advanced solutions can be instantly overridden by attacks which are assisted either directly or indirectly by an ‘insider’, or by someone with specialist knowledge or access. Here, the need to make staff accountable for their role and actions can make the difference to an attack taking place.

Smart Solutions

Whilst Government and authorities can explain the threats and risks to different sectors, individual sector and building or venue management organisations must work closely with advice given to explain what action can be taken to enhance security and how to respond to a potential risk or worse.

They also have vital protective security information such as building or venue layouts, security equipment and safety procedures, together with details on access rights and the local knowledge that could be vital to keeping staff and the public safe.

And the first step in securing any organisation is to ensure that access to sensitive areas, or vital equipment is limited only to those with valid, authorisation, which must be managed on a timed basis and audited regularly.

Back to Basics

Here is where going back to basics, right down to a review of key and equipment management tools can enable Security and Counter Terror Managers to not only achieve highest safety standards, but also make vigilance and accountability a seamless part of every day life.

There are many different solutions that can be combined to produce an enhanced security provision to protect against and also react to terror threats.

By tailoring a bespoke solution to suit the requirements of the premises and operational needs of the business, the potential risks can be reduced, whilst the safety and security of the occupants and assets can be maximised.

Key Management

Traka is one organisation offering solutions to control, manage and audit access and equipment use. Traka’s intelligent systems enable a full audit trail including who was the last user, when the key or equipment was removed, and when it was returned.

Traka’s intelligent systems offer greater accountability and restrict people from accessing sensitive areas of a business; and there is no room for human error or misuse, even if devices are logged as faulty, being dispensed to a different member of staff or tampered.

And ultimately, without the ability to validate keys, or operate equipment without authority, a terrorist may be prevented from gaining access to certain areas of a building, equipment or necessary information to succeed in their objectives.

So whether there is a requirement to manage a fleet of cars, personal devices or a pool allocation of equipment, Traka can help control, manage and audit usage, so that valuable items don’t get lost, stolen or fall in the wrong hands. 

In summary, the increasing risk of terror threats mean that organisations and venue management organisations must develop quick-response procedures to respond effectively to a fast moving incident on their site.

In an era when there are increasingly sophisticated and complex control systems available and more and more reliance on technology, it is very easy to lose sight of the more obvious solutions that can counter terror more personally and effectively.

Traka systems are designed around security and enabling process, accountability and restricted access to those who are authorised to ensure optimum key and equipment protection. At the same time, we help minimise the risk of insider involvement with audit control capacity across all our solutions.

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