Primetech supports police and security forces with innovative, secure communications and deployment systems


Leading UK-based systems integrator and technology developer Primetech provides a unique range of proven, secure and resilient security and counter terror communications and storage systems to support police and counter terror forces.

Primetech is a leading systems integrator, mobile satellite communications supplier and developer of innovative communications and related solutions for a wide range of UK-based emergency services, government agencies and banks. The company has a track record of technical excellence, successful implementations and ongoing customer service and support that has supporting its expansion into banking and international security monitoring.

Primetech has developed a product portfolio, often in conjunction with leading global partners, that provides UK police and security forces with a unique combination of capabilities.

  • Resilience (with access to dual Ka-band satellites through one receiver dish with partners C-COM and Avanti);
  • Secure, military-grade satellite communications (through its partnership with US X-band satcomms supplier X-TAR);
  • Integrated incident ground communications, with its own portable, mains and battery-powered MultiNet Comms system for integrated incident ground communications, linking Ka-band mobile satcomms with COFDM MESH Wifi, live streamed body-worn and tripod camera imagery, live streamed drone imagery, and radio and other voice communications (mobile etc) via interoperable patching;
  • all of which can be carried in and integrated into its unique new MultiPod® lightweight flexible demountable storage system, using moulded composites technology, that can be carried easily on utility style vehicles without any body modifications required;
  • The Primetech Secure Communications Trailer, providing highly portable Ka-band satcomms and radio support for incidents, integrated with the portable MultiNet Comms systems.
  • All of these systems are ideally suited to supporting the operational requirements of police and security forces, allowing them to create and share a Common Operational Picture in real time, across incident grounds, between participating agencies, and back to higher level command centres, all with high degrees of communications security.

    The potential of Primetech’s groundbreaking new MultiPod family of flexible, universal demountable vehicle body systems, launched at the Emergency Services Show in September 2016, is now starting to be seen in practical form throughout the UK and in international markets.

    One of the unique attractions of the MultiPod demountable body system is the fact that no new vehicle build work is required; MultiPods can be easily and quickly mounted on standard utility vehicle bodies, with no modification required. For emergency services with under utilised fleet vehicles, or services wanting to deliver capability without acquiring high-cost vehicles or having expensive customised bodywork done, the MultiPod is a low-cost option with a wide range of internal configuration options.

    MultiPod is both cheaper to acquire and cheaper to run than many other vehicle body options. Emergency services have been particularly impressed with the wide range of options for configuring the internal storage areas of the MultiPod - there are slide-out trays, side access panels and colour-coded compartments. MultiPods are also strong, rust-free and lighter than metal body options.

    According to Henry Walker of Primetech, ‘The MultiPod has been extraordinarily well received from a wide variety of organisations that would not normally spring to mind.

    ‘Key drivers are return on investment and reduction in capital expenditure, plus ease of adoption. We don’t even have to go through procedures like tilt testing and crash testing, because the load carrying capability of the vehicle has not been modified, the characteristics have not been changed.

    ‘With its versatile internal storage capacity, MultiPod is also capable of carrying MultiNet, the single and multi-agency command communications system, as well as Police, Security and Paramedic support equipment.

    ‘We expect to see many more imaginative uses of the MultiPod concept, as emergency services introduce increasingly collaborative and effective new vehicle variants.’

    A Primetech-supported media communications vehicle, equipped with a newly developed C-COM/Avanti Ka-band satellite solution, was used to provide reliable voice and data communications for a high profile off-road media expedition in remote Scottish locations. In the process, deployment of the system provided proof of concept for an advanced new combined satellite signal solution for accessing two satellites through one satellite receiver, delivering improved resilience. The system has a wide variety of other police, security and emergency service applications.

    With the new solution developed by the combined satcomms teams, if one Avanti satellite was unable to be accessed because of the remote and mountainous locations preventing signal lock-on, the system would automatically seek out and access another satellite signal, using software developed by satellite receiver manufacturer C-COM. This was all done using just one auto-pointing satellite receiver dish.

    This is of particular interest to mobile satcomms users such as emergency services operating in challenging operating conditions - so called ‘urban canyons’, for example, or in adverse weather conditions and in remote environments.

    Primetech’s partnership with leading US X-band secure satellite operator XTAR allows the company to provide a dedicated, secure government and military frequency to UK emergency service, government and other clients.

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