PGI’s Cyber Academy, opened in 2014, drawing on our organisation’s considerable experience to retrain individuals to become effective cyber security professionals. Our delegates have included law enforcement and military personnel from both the UK and international government departments.

PGI’s unprecedented understanding of the cyber security skills sector has been developed through growing and maintaining its own large team of qualified operational professionals. Our trainers have a wealth of experience from government, military, law enforcement, intelligence services and corporate backgrounds. They routinely deliver penetration testing, digital forensics, incident response, SOC functions and information security consultancy services. We undergo high quality training to obtain and maintain GCHQ Certified Trainer status alongside our operational duties.

Industry surveys and experience all highlight major gaps in global cyber security skills and knowledge. The skills gap has highlighted that workforces are largely unaware of cyber security vulnerabilities resulting in an unnecessarily large number of avoidable and damaging incidents requiring response and reparation. Our Cyber Academy understands how delegates learn effectively and, using its virtual cyber range, allows trainees to demonstrate their skills in an environment which is free from the worry of disruption to live operations or risk to sensitive data.

Training as teams has proven to be a successful model in which to transition a workforce from multiple technical disciplines to specialised cyber security roles. A team comprising of multi-functional, diverse skillsets who train together identify each other’s strengths, areas of improvement and develop soft skills such as people management, leadership and cohesive communication. This allows a team who have trained, bonded and grown technically, to return to their organisation and prepare to effectively respond and manage cyber security issues.

Trainees learn best through practice and our operational trainers deliver modules which are hands-on, with inclusive demonstrations and practical exercises. Every workshop or laboratory element is taught with two trainers, allowing one to present and demystify, whilst the other provides additional guidance and assistance. Our Cyber Academy has multiple classrooms and training resources to provide extra tuition and support to trainees who need it, and one-time exam re-sits where required.

Before a course, our security training consultants will conduct training needs analysis with the organisation to acknowledge current skills, the desired learning objectives for the training and any other cultural and organisational aims. This process allows an organisation to put together a programme of courses to suit the organisational or industry needs and objectives. A tailored programme provides an effective learning environment using language and case studies that trainees can use to relate to real-world operations.

Case Study: A recent cyber security programme was developed for a client with the aim to improve the cyber security capability of a small but rapidly growing team. Our objective was to develop a broad range of skills in sufficient depth to enable its members to perform effectively in cyber security roles on their return to work. The learning outcomes from the programme were:

  • To retrain individuals from non-cyber security roles to give them the skills required to operate as independent cyber security professionals within their respective departments; and
  • To identify individuals with an evident aptitude for specific specialist roles within cyber security and to provide recommendations for further development.

Outcome: Following the delivery of this successful programme the trainees expressed their deep regard for the quality of training delivered, the professionalism of PGI’s operationally current trainers and the notable improvement of the trainee’s cyber security knowledge and abilities. Graduates of this particular programme are now successfully and effectively employed in operational cyber security roles within their parent organisations.

PGI’s Cyber Academy has developed workforce growth and transformation programmes to give government and commercial clients the ability to build, sustain and retain workforces. These programmes have produced significant numbers of professionals with the practical skills to start work quickly and effectively within the cyber security workforce. Whether you are looking to upskill individuals on our publically scheduled courses, provide a group with function-specific cyber security training, or if you would like bespoke courses delivered at a desired location, then PGI’s Cyber Academy can help. We provide the capability to transform a workforce to defend, consult or implement cyber security measures quickly and affordably.

Our purpose-built Cyber Academy in Bristol is close to both the M5 and M4 motorways, as well as Bristol Parkway Railway Station, with plenty of accommodation and eatery options nearby, which PGI will happily assist you with.

For any information about cyber security training, individual or group please call or email us or visit our website.

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