N2S: Helping you maximise your IT potential

N2S is a professional services company specialising in optimising supply chain economics for businesses in the finance, telco, media and government sectors. Built upon a heritage of maximising value of end of life IT assets N2S offer services including data destruction, site clearance/de-installations, WEEE disposal and large-scale installation services – all delivered using N2S’ own fleet of tracked vehicles and skilled engineers.

Why N2S?

At N2S, we pride ourselves on our tailored approach to IT Asset lifecycle management. Whatever your unique needs, we have a solution to meet them – to the highest standard, using the most innovative methods.

Our team comprises experts in IT installation, recycling and sales, as well as data destruction, so you can rest assured that your entire environment is protected and performing to its full potential. We can help your company to:

Achieve peace of mind - Guarantee compliance with the UK’s market leader in data security and protection.

Free up valuable resource - Trust us to look after your infrastructure so you can focus on what really matters.

Cut costs - Do more with your IT investment and reduce spend on logistics and storage.

Become more green - Improve your environmental profile and earn cashback by recycling.

Data Destruction

Our expert data destruction team are CAS-S certified which means we are qualified to destroy data up to Government secret level, giving you the peace of mind your data has been destroyed correctly.

We ensure the safe and responsible deletion of data across all your devices – from hard drives and smartphones to media devices and tapes. Not only will we effectively erase your data, we’ll also provide you with accreditation certificates for your records.

If you are also looking to recycle your devices once they’re wiped, our Recycling team can recycle your redundant equipment on site at our warehouse, providing you with the complete IT Recycling and data erasure service.

Our processes and procedures guarantee that all your data is effectively removed in a way that best suits your business. We offer a service tailored to your individual needs, either on your site or at our premises, which could include:

  • Data erasure
  • Data destruction
  • Data shredding

Voice and Data Migrations

Our team of IT experts deliver a tailored service to each client depending on their needs, which can include:

  • Workstation refresh
  • WAN migration
  • VoIP migrations and mobile handset staging/deployment
  • Printer refresh
  • Technical logistics – delivery, dispatch and deploy
  • Project delivery
  • Network refresh
  • WIFI rollout
  • Server migrations

Our proven process begins with a site survey and audit. By gaining an overview of your IT landscape, we can work with you to find out where your most pertinent challenges and greatest opportunities lie. This enables us to provide clear insight, so you can boost efficiencies, cut costs and reduce risk.

IT Recycling

N2S is the leader in the pursuit of zero-waste technology. We can help you to reduce your carbon footprint; improve your environmental profile and meet government, industry and security regulations with our pioneering recycling service which includes:

  • Printed Circuit Board recovery
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Cable recovery
  • Cable granulation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Storage and inventory

Our team has a unique approach to IT recycling, using a refined process of dismantling each item to reduce cross contamination and ensure every element is recycled correctly.

Our methods are compliant with current WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling legislation and we provide a complete audit trail throughout the process. This includes full end-of-life audit reports and certificates of destruction to ensure you can track the journey of your old equipment, to a zero-landfill end of life.

Where possible, we refurbish and resell redundant equipment, with our IT and Telecoms sales service.

IT Sales

If you’ve identified IT equipment that your business no longer has a use for, it can be tempting to log onto an auction website and try to sell it yourself. This can not only be time consuming but can also be difficult to ensure you have erased all the data correctly and in line with data protection legislation.

Where possible, we refurbish and resell outdated technology through service-accredited partners, so your equipment doesn’t go to waste and you could earn money back on your redundant investments.

We are fully transparent in our process to ensure that you understand your equipment’s resale value, any preparatory costs involved in its sale, such as Data Destruction, and its subsequent resale value.

We have just launched our new N2S stock exchange to give you even more control over selling your IT equipment through our purpose-built IT sales platform!

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