Mira DS Handheld Identification System: Safe in-field identification of chemicals, explosives and illicit substances


Metrohm is pleased to present the Mira DS, a new handheld material identification system for police, hazmat/CBRN teams, bomb technicians, and military personnel. At the push of a button, the Mira DS identifies illicit substances, chemicals and explosives.

For police officers, hazmat teams, and military personnel

The Mira DS was developed in close cooperation with professional first responders. While providing ease of use and speed, the Mira DS addresses the need for safety of drug squad officers, hazmat teams, and bomb technicians in particular. Portable, accurate and robust; the Mira DS’ intuitive design requires no instruction at all: Turn it on, put it on the sample, press a button, and get the result – that’s it!

Respond to threats faster and safer than ever!

The Mira DS uses lasers to collect a chemical “finger print” of the sample. This fingerprint is then identified by matching it against thousands of entries stored in libraries on the Mira DS. The data you collect is saved and stored for report generation. Is it a lethal threat or just a harmless powder? How big is your risk – and that of everyone else around? The faster you know this, the faster you can make the right decisions – potentially saving lives. It is exactly situations like this, in which you can rely on your Mira DS, the latest handheld material identification system from Metrohm.
Unique flexibility to keep you protected

The Mira DS features a whole array of dedicated sampling attachments for dangerous/illicit material identification, allowing you to avoid contact with unknown substances. From chemical spills, suspicious powders or baggies of narcotics, the MIRA DS keeps you safe and gives you options.

Identify substances from a distance with the Stand-off Attachment, e.g., by standing in a door way and scanning a container from across the room. Scan liquids and powders in plastic bags and through bottles using the Universal Attachment. Identify substances with the Contact Ball Probe Attachment by simply contacting the liquid or powder with the probe. Classify powders in a baggy with the Right Angle Attachment. Ideal for checking a sample on the hood of a squad car. When identifying explosives, you can adjust the laser power of your Mira DS and set a scan delay to allow you to distance yourself from the measurement.

Barely larger than a smart phone the Mira DS enables true single handed operation. With a weight of just 750 grams, you can carry your Mira DS around in your pocket without even noticing it while on your mission. The Mira DS is engineered to perform reliably even under toughest conditions.

In-field risk management with the HazMasterG3 App

In the field you want to know more than just the identity of an unknown substance. Interface your Mira DS with the proven HazMasterG3 Software mobile app and you get additional, vital information on the substance you are facing. With this info provided, you can take appropriate action without the loss of valuable time.

Identify individual substances in mixtures

It is often mixtures that you are dealing with, not pure substances. No problem for the Mira DS! Thanks to a unique sampling method called Orbital Raster Scanning (ORS) and the Mira DS‘ powerful matching algorithm, you can identify with utmost confidence individual components within the powder or liquid sample.

Trace Detection of Substances

To increase the sensitivity of the Mira DS, it is compatible with Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) substrates. This technology enables the detection of illicit drugs even when they are present in absolute trace quantities. SERS substrates kits are available directly through Metrohm.

On-site support with the Mira App

Having difficulties identifying a sample on site? Use the Mira App to send the data to your chemical support team and tap into their expertise to assist you.

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