Me and You Education

Me and You Education is a collaboration between two companies, two individuals whose divergent backgrounds and deep insights into the murky and complex world of Counter Terrorism.

As Office of Security and Counter Terrorism approved Interventionists we get to speak with both vulnerable individuals on a pathway towards Extremism and also those that have been convicted of TACT offences – put more bluntly we speak one to one with those that want to blow us all up!

As key people working in the security world we believe our specialist training sessions will be invaluable for your work. We present and debunk the Extremist Narrative – both on domestic (Far Right Extremism) as well as the International threat of Islamism.

We believe the world of countering terrorism is far more nuanced than simply locks, guns and surveillance, for us at Me and You Education we like to be able to disarm the terrorist mind-set by providing ideological, scientific and sometimes very simple logical counter narratives.

Our interactive training sessions equip delegates with the knowledge and understanding of the actual thought process of individuals willing to commit atrocities that put both themselves and others in harms way. Check out our Youtube Channel and Website and enquire about our bespoke packages today.

Supplier Profiles

Soliton Systems

As a leading Japanese technology company, Soliton Systems develop innovative solutions for IT security, outside live video streaming and unique solutions for specific needs.