UK’s security staff and emergency services personnel need greater awareness of the terrorist threat.

Unfortunately, the Terrorist does not choose to strike at the well defended and tightly secured facilities; they target weaker areas – hotels, shopping malls, public transport hubs and areas of large public congregation such as football stadia and busy shopping streets. Places which are increasingly secured, patrolled and monitored by commercial security organisations. But what training do your staff have to protect your business?

Security conscious organisations will have plans in place to respond to suspicious callers, unidentified packages, suspected theft or cyber-attacks. Staff will be drilled on their assembly points in case of fire at their induction and perhaps revised by line managers at regular intervals, but what about terror attacks?

Businesses deemed more ‘at risk’ than others will have strong liaison with local police counter terrorist advisors but it is still reliant on the person receiving the call, discovering the bag and understanding what is suspicious (and what is not) to initiate the responses required which may lead to the safe resolution of a potentially fatal and costly explosion or other form of terrorist attack.

No matter the risk to the business it is still rare that these plans are practised either as a desk–top exercise or with live real-time practice exercises. Third party security companies may have good SIA approved training; have proven records in maintaining security against theft and non-approved entry but not all will have the specialist skills, or practised experience, to act in a coordinated manner to deal with terrorist attacks.

Preparations and precautions need not be onerous or expensive. Formal training in the recognition of firearms and explosives; actions to take on discovering a suspicious package in the mail room or in the lobby area; setting and coordinating evacuation plans and liaison with the emergency services can all be achieved in a relatively short training period. From this formal training line-managers and security officers can deliver bespoke briefings and direction to their own business staff at their own place of work, so cutting down on the time spent at a training venue.

Here to Help

At ISSEE we can offer a fully immersive training experience of the power and threat of explosives and firearms as used by many terrorist organisations and also the specialist responses required to react to finding a suspicious device including evacuation, cordon and liaison with the Emergency Services. This training is ideally suitable for all Security workers and also staff members who work in public areas such as railway, hotels, large and small corporate institutions and large shopping areas. Courses are designed to meet customer requirements and can be delivered at our own residential facility.

ISSEE is focussed on UK public and private security delivering your responsibilities for a Duty of Care to employees and customers. It is also an internationally recognised provider of Counter Terrorist services and equipment.

Who are ISSEE?

ISSEE Contributes to the National and International Security Sector by Providing Specialist Consultancy Services and Capability-Development Training Based on the UK’s Extensive Experience of Counter Terrorism Operations and Providing Homeland Security.

We have a long history of working with commercial, national and public organisations to identify, generate and deliver solutions to meet their security requirements. Our Consultants work discreetly with our customers to ensure a fully integrated solution is developed and delivered with confidence and sustainability. It is ISSEE’s philosophy that any and all services delivered will lead to a sustainable improvement of capability, coached by our experienced team of mentors as required.

ISSEE provides the full range of Counter Terror training from Foundation to Advanced levels in a broad portfolio of opportunities. These include Search, Forensics, Post-Blast Scene Management, Weapons Intelligence, Close Protection, Armourer, Home Made Explosives detection and Project Management.

The key driver of ISSEE’s philosophy, which we apply from project initiation, is Capability Generation. It is our firm belief that all projects should be in support of the aim of creating a host-nation capability where local nationals are trained, mentored and supported in all aspects of human, technical and professional management in order to develop and sustain a safe and efficient outcome.

ISSEE is a world-class capability development provider. Its experience of designing and operating intelligence-led databases, investigating explosives and ammunition incidents and its partnerships with carefully selected equipment providers add significantly to its consultancy and training reputation. It delivers an expanded portfolio of training courses, seminars and conferences using staff predominantly drawn from the UK MOD and the UK Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism arena. All have extensive experience of operations in urban and rural areas, cities and transport infrastructure. The ISSEE pool of expertise is rightly considered to be second to none.

Contact us directly for more information on these and other services provided on our website.

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