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Since 1974, we at Lincoln Security Ltd have always been keen early adopters for the innovative we see in the security industry. With the massive advancements of cutting-edge technology being introduce to traditional security measures over the recent years, there’s been an awful lot for us to get our teeth into.

Ultimately, we are seeing that technology eventually influences everything and the security industry is now welcoming innovation to work alongside the traditional elements. However, it is important that any new products we see coming into the market have the right qualities to enhance existing security measures and not impede on traditional methods that have been in situ for generations.

Key control has often a problem for many businesses and all too often, a compromise has to be made – which is obviously never ideal with security issues. If a key becomes lost, the security level either plummets or a costly re-key exercise is required. With traditional mechanical key systems, there is weak accountability as there are no audit trails of the key use and no the ability to restrict users to areas based on time and date ranges.

Seeing this weakness, Lincoln Security Ltd decided to sign up as an official dealer for the eLOQ Access Control Key system. An innovative electronic key control system that has been designed to eliminate the issues of keys being copied or lost and introduce accountability into key control.

Due to the keys being electronic, they can be easily administered using the latest computer technology and provide users a whole range of additional features that traditional key systems couldn’t even envisage. eLOQ is able to take the traditional robust technology that has been around for generations and enhance it by using emerging digital intelligence.

Even though the system is completely electronical, the locks contain no power, battery or wiring – allowing for the system to be completely retrofittable with easy installation to any existing key control arrangement.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, eLOQ has simplistic accompanying software which allows for the programming of the keys and locks. The system introduces the ability to restrict users to areas based on their access privileges as well as time and date limitations.

About eLOQ

eLOQ is an intelligent, smart key system which allows you to have electronic keys and locks. The system is designed to offer not only secure access to your business site, but a greater degree of flexibility and intelligence not otherwise possible with a traditional mechanical lock and key.

eLOQ keys feature a unique electronic ID, preventing duplication.  Although two keys can be programmed alike, each one creates its own unique record within the system.

Keys can be assigned a start date and an expiration date, along with time periods where the key can operate locks. This means keys can be issued before they begin working, and can be set to expire at a particular time in the future. Setting short-term expiration dates on keys is an excellent way to minimise risk due to lost or stolen keys. Lost keys can simply be deleted on the system and blacklisted on the locks.

eLOQ keys can be programmed with bespoke access privileges for each user, detailing which locks it can open and when. A single key can be programmed to open over 3,000 different locks.

An audit record of all events is stored in both the locks and the keys. Each time a key is inserted into a lock, a record of the lock ID, date, and time is stored in the key, and a record of the key ID, date, and time is stored in the lock.

The keys will hold the last 3,000 events including if a lock was opened successfully or not and also which day and at what time the event occurred which can be accessed using the accompanying software to provide full audit reports to your systems administrators.

Battery life depends on usage – typically the batteries last for 30,000 operations, which is around 18-24 months. An audible warning sound and red light will indicate when batteries start to run low. Batteries are easy to replace – the keys use a 3.6V Li-SoCL2 (1/2 AA) type battery which can be ordered via eLOQ.

No maintenance is needed: although the locks are electronic, they do not contain batteries or require wiring. All the power for the locks is taken from the keys upon insertion allowing for ease to retrofit into any existing system.

eLOQ keys have a secure algorithm making them much more difficult to copy than traditional mechanical keys. Only the system administrator can create and change key settings allowing complete centralised control for robust security.

eLOQ offers a range of additional benefits including: users only need to carry one key which can open a wide range of locks; keys can be programmed to open specific locks during a set time and date range; lost keys can be easily blacklisted, eliminating the need to replace locks unlike with traditional mechanical locking systems; audit trails can be collected and displayed on your computer; locks are fitted in the exact same way as traditional locks, no special adoptions required; no wiring or batteries are required within the locks.

The innovation for the eLOQ product range doesn’t end there either. With the development of a GPS key currently in production that carries benefits including; keys being remotely turned on or off, changes to a user’s access being made instantly, keys hibernating or becoming active when near a set location(s), GPS positioning of key holders and much, much more.
With an extensive range of cylinders, padlocks and specialist locks, eLOQ can quickly and easily be retrofitted into any existing system regardless of the locking type it currently relies on.
The unique way that eLOQ has been designed means that it can be beneficial for businesses large and small, or those with multiple sites spread geographically with control required within one central place. This makes eLOQ an extremely flexible and accessible platform for any organisation looking to increase their security measures.

Find out more

Interested in discovering more about eLOQ for your organisation? Then visit Lincoln Security Ltd’s stall at this years’ Counter Terror Expo where we will be conducting live demonstrations of the product.

Can’t wait that long? Then get in touch with our team or visit our website to organise a demonstration.

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