Institute of Risk Management (IRM)

Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the leading professional body for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). We drive excellence in managing risk to ensure that organisations are ready for opportunities and threats for the future. We do this by providing internationally recognised qualifications and training, publishing research and guidance, and setting professional standards.
For over 30 years our qualifications have been the global choice for risk professionals and their employers. We are a not-for-profit body, with members working in all industries, in all risk disciplines and in all sectors around the world.
We recently undertook the Risk Agenda 2025, the future of risk management and how our members and stakeholders feel the profession will shape up in the future. The project also saw a series of interviews, roadshows and online debates. Results can be found here.
The publication of Perspectives on the Future of Risk marked the beginning of IRM’s Risk Agenda 2025 project. The purpose of this initiative is to stimulate debate within the risk community by examining how enterprise risk management might be delivered in 2025 and by then proposing different ways that the risk management profession might prepare itself for the possible future scenarios.
The IRM is a global leader in ERM qualifications, we offer the following qualifications:
-International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management
-International Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management
-International Certificate in Financial Services Risk Management and are just about to launch the Certificate in Digital Risk Management. Details of these can be found here.
We also run a suite of in-house and public training courses around the globe; these are available to non-members and members alike. From the Fundamentals of Risk Management to Risk is the Boardroom. These are run by our team of experts from around the globe with experience in working in financial services, oil and gas, fast moving consumer goods and global operations. More here.
More seasoned risk professionals can reach the pinnacle of their careers by undertaking the Senior Executive Route.

The Senior Executive Route to IRM Certification is designed for senior risk professionals who wish to have their skills and knowledge in ERM formally acknowledged by the leading risk management institute. It is aimed at risk management professionals with at least 8 years' experience, and allows them to demonstrate a parity of understanding and experience with Certified Members and Certified Fellows who have studied the Institute's International Diploma in Enterprise Risk Management.
Risk management is constant evolving; digital risk is becoming more of a hot topic as is artificial intelligence and supply chain risk. From our own studies less than 40% of the risk management community feel well equipped to understand technological change or how to support their organisations in this area, hence our growth in product offerings to support this trend.
Change has always been with us, but the principles and practices of good risk management will stay the same – the fundamental approach of building resilient organisations with robust processes, a healthy risk culture and communications will be required albeit maybe at a nimbler pace. Risk management has never been higher up the business agenda and more chief risk officers are securing a seat at the boardroom table.
We have a range of Special Interest Groups from insurance to oil, gas and energy and regional groups in all corners of the globe.