Indoor GPS coverage solutions

FalTech GPS specialises in GPS repeater technology, providing indoor coverage to allow GPS-enabled devices to be used, tested and repaired inside any building or space where signal is normally not available.

GPS Repeater Systems

Lack of GPS satellite signal inside a building is an irritation for some, but a matter of urgency for others.

Users include fire stations, police stations, military and civilian aircraft hangars and workshops.

If a GPS signal is needed indoors, a GPS repeater system relays signals to any indoor location that isn't normally reachable.

Repeaters are available to cover the GPS L1, L2, GLONASS and Galileo frequencies, with an IP67 waterproof option for areas with high moisture levels.

Repeater systems are provided in kit form; each kit comes with all parts required for a successful installation.  For larger or more complex situations, FalTech offers a custom-design service and installation via a partner company if required.


A repeater system can help in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Fire stations - ensures that mobile data terminals in the appliances have a GPS signal at all times, eliminating satellite acquisition delay upon exit.  Command & Control centres know exactly where their assets are at all times.
  • Police stations - similar to the fire station requirement; ensures that officers' portable radios have a signal when inside and command centres always know where their assets are.
  • Aircraft hangars - no need to drag that aeroplane outside to test its GPS system; our repeaters are used in aircraft hangars all over the world to bring the outdoor signal inside where it's needed.
  • Electronics companies use repeaters to provide a live GPS signal in their workshops.  This is much more convenient and time-efficient than hauling equipment outside to the car park or hanging it out of the window to get a signal.


When the distance from outdoor antenna to indoor repeater is more than a coaxial cable can manage - even with amplification - a GPS-over-fibre system extends the effective cable length by up to 3km.

A pair of transceivers are used to convert RF signals into light signals that are transmitted over single mode fibre links. There is no noticeable delay and signal quality is unaffected, making this an ideal solution for GPS location and/or timing applications.

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