Identifying & Fixing Web Application Vulnerabilities Before Hackers Exploit Them

In 2014, the Major General of the Israel Defence Forces Aviv Kochavi said “cyber, in my modest opinion, will soon be revealed to be the biggest revolution in warfare, more than gunpowder and the utilization of air power in the last century.” (1)

In fact hacking is for real. Israel’s arms exports fell in 2014, and during that year the country sold more cyber-wares than arms. According to figures by Israel’s prime minister’s office, in 2014 Israeli companies sold around $6 billion of internet-security software, equivalent to about a tenth of the entire worldwide sales of such stuff. (2)

Fast forward three years, and we are still living what the Major General Aviv Kochavi predicted; an era during which cyber espionage and hacking are used by e-militants and governments to silently attack each other. A proof of this are the news that the Russians possibly interfered with the US presidential election. Such news are still fresh off the press. (3) Also, this month presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that she is convinced that Russia used hacking ‘to great effect’ in her defeat. (4)

And with the majority of businesses shifting their operations and sensitive data to the cloud, the cyber war will continue to proliferate, and more businesses will become a target. Hence why it is imperative that all businesses that have any sort of online activity ensure their web based applications and websites do not have any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

Are you taking the necessary actions to ensure the security of your web applications and sensitive business data? Don’t let malicious attackers tarnish your business’ reputation and operations.

Speak to us, we can help you. Our easy to use solution can help you detect vulnerabilities on your web applications in an automated fashion, without requiring any technical expertise. Therefore you can fix the identifies security flaws before attackers exploit them. Our vulnerability scanning technology employs a unique cutting-edge technology that automatically verifies the identified vulnerabilities, hence it does not generate false positives (false alarms), allowing your developers to use all of their time developing secure web applications.

We, Netsparker Ltd are a UK based company and world renowned companies such as Samsung, NASA,Microsoft, ING bank, Skype and Ernst & Young trust and use our technology to identify security holes in their websites. For more information please visit our website.

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