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High Security Modular Construction

Remtech was established in 1980 and then renamed in 1992 Remtech (Computer Security) Ltd. Our core business is the supply and installation of a modular construction system called ModuSec. The system is manufactured and installed by our partners RCS (Manufacturing) Ltd., based in Birmingham. Originally designed for the protection of IT systems and data from fire and water as a system that is very quick to build, requires no ‘wet trades’, is fully finished with a wipe clean surface that requires no maintenance. The system has a 90 minute fire rating for both insulation and integrity – also keeping IT systems within temperatures outlined in the European standard EN1047 for the protection of IT hardware. ModuSec has a U value of just 0.18 for a 100mm thick panel. Hence it provides a very stable environment for air conditioning – for a room inside an existing building or as a completely independent weather protected new build with a range of roof styles (e.g. pitched, curved, flat, etc), guttering, downpipes, etc. – virtually eliminating solar gain within the environment.

The core material is phenolic foam, injected into a mould set up with the external steel skins in place. It is not PIR/PUR that can be highly combustible. Phenolic foam is regarded in terms of risk as equivalent to mineral wool composite panels – but has half the U value (i.e. double the insulation) for a panel of the same thickness. It is also a closed cell system that will not take on water and hence will maintain its insulation and structural integrity indefinitely. The tongue and groove jointing system, with mechanical camlocks, provides a very quick build that can be easily reconfigured and with silicone joints facilitates a very strong structure with a high level of protection from water ingress. The system can be built as walls only (slab to slab), walls plus a ceiling or as a complete 6 sided box with base panels. Wall, ceiling and base panels have the same makeup. The addition of a roof provides a completely weatherproof build.

The system can be built to any size – from 10’s to 1000’s of sqm and to any height – single or double story. For larger projects we design and install our own steel structure to support the system and can achieve wide clear spans to meet client requirements. In terms of aesthetics, our panels come in a variety of colours or for external builds we can provide additional architectural cladding.

We are also able to build units in our factory and transport complete to a client site.

In 2004 the system was developed to provide high levels of physical security to meet the then SEAP Government security standard, for the protection of Government assets. This was achieved by the addition of layers of cutting resistant materials within the panels to protect against forced attack. The system was fully tested to different levels of attack from hand to power tools. It was also blast tested with the equivalent of 100 Kg of TNT.

We further developed the system to meet the commercial forced attack standard LPS1175. This was achieved, again in arrange of levels from SR1 to SR5. At the SR5 level it will resist very high powered cutting tools such as the reciprocating saw.

The Government SEAP standard was then replaced by CPNI (The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), which we also meet. Contact CPNI for details.

Over time, the high security market has become our core business. We have completed many high security projects in the last 14 years, from small server or storage rooms to major data centres, large storage, test and production facilities plus protection of critical national infrastructure utilities.

We provide a complete end to end service. This starts with working with clients or architects, advising on the relevant standards and how best to achieve them, to design of support steelwork, roof, etc. to the manufacture and installation of not only the panels, but the steelwork, doors, windows, staircases, roof and internal floors, plus the protection of service entry points. Please note that our personnel doors are manufactured in house and are tested and certified mounted in our panels. We can also provide large ‘hanger type’ doors – sliding folding or roller shutter – again to a range of security standards.

We have the highest level of experience in high security modular building of any UK company - with a single point of responsibility for your project. Most of our skilled installation team also have security clearance to enable us to work on the most sensitive Government, MOD or Government contractor sites.

If you are looking for a high security building solution that is quick and clean to build and meets a range of certified standards, there is no better option than ModuSec from Remtech.

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