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Rugged Mobile Technology

The most secure rugged mobile computing for blue light, defence and security
Defence, blue light and security organisations are increasingly relying on technology to deliver efficiency and productivity gains, while achieving longer term cost savings. But now, more than ever, these technologies need to support a range of new applications, process more data, and meet increasingly stringent security requirements.

Modern Defence Technology
Modernisation of defence is firmly on the agenda with much focus on Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). One main objective of dismounted C4ISR is for each soldier’s capability to be enhanced and for technology to be a force multiplier. Such technology is the dismounted soldier’s End User Device (EUD), which enables rapid access to, and manipulation of data in real time, collaboration and integration of applications. Yet, traditionally specialist mobile devices have been power hungry, heavy and cumbersome.

Powering Blue Light Services  
Blue light services rely on technology to enhance performance, create efficiencies, and support day to day operations. The upcoming launch of the Emergency Service Network (ESN) will be a major technological advancement that will significantly improve connectivity and the ability to send and receive data to support any given emergency situation. Yet, operatives will need to have the means to access data in a secure, reliable, fast and consistent way.

Getting technology right
For any front line worker, mission-critical tasks need specialist technology, which is reliable and resilient, portable, easy to use, and can withstand harsh environments as well as be interoperable with other technologies. Equipping the user with the right technology that allows them to securely access and manipulate sensitive and critical data is a necessity and could be the difference between a successful and failed mission, or even life and death. With the threats of cyber warfare and cyber crime, hacking systems, and infiltration, security of data continues to be the top consideration for any defence digitisation strategy.

For mobile technology to deliver benefits to crews on the front line, procurement teams need to consider a number of important factors.  

Meeting Security Requirements
Recent high profile global cyber attacks are a stark reminder of just how vulnerable organisations can be, and how damaging attacks can be if security measures are not properly considered or up to date. For blue light and defence, it’s not just about cost, downtime and reputation, but it’s possible that critical intelligence can be compromised. To meet the highest military classification standards, data needs to be encrypted and protected against attack, theft or intercept when it is at rest, in use or in transit.

Getac has an exclusive partnership with Trivalent, so it can deliver seamless and robust next-generation data protection for the first time on rugged computing devices. By integrating Trivalent’s security software, which is certified by the NSA, customer data is safeguarded against unauthorised use. Its unique Data Alchemy™solution encrypts, shreds, disperses with secure storage and recombines data to render it completely unusable by unauthorised parties, even in the case of ransomware attacks.
Rugged devices deliver in high risk environment
Getac offers a range of rugged mobile devices which have been designed in conjunction with defence and security organisations specifically to meet the needs of those working in military and blue light sectors, and those in other high risk, challenging environments. They include a number of features that allow troops and first responders to focus on mission-critical tasks, without worrying about reliability and performance. The devices enable critical data to be quickly and safely sent and received via superior connectivity and security features. Certified to the highest industry standards, such as MIL-STD810G and IP67, mean the devices can withstand drops, dust and water ingress.

  • MX50 - Getac’s military-specific tablet is compact, lightweight and intuitive - perfect for the already overburdened infantryman. The 5.7 inch IPS display offers a consumer device-like experience but packs in more power, robustness, security and functionality required by dismounted soldiers on the battlefield
  • ZX70 - rugged and durable, built to withstand rigorous use, yet is lightweight and ultra-portable, long lasting, offering potentially limitless battery life for use all day and night  
  • B300 - fully rugged notebook, designed to deliver exceptional productivity and deployment speed for defence industry professionals in mission-critical environments
  • A140 - large 14” screen tablet to display more data and information at any given time, ultra portable
  • RX10 secure and reliable, offering superior connectivity so workers can quickly and securely access encrypted electronic patient records and other data wherever they are.

To effectively meet operational and modernisation goals, procurement teams must look to harness the hardware and software that will deliver reliable mobile working experiences, with the highest levels of security for peace of mind.

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