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Wherever you are in the world — on land, sea or in the air — you can access the Iridium satellite communications network with a satphone device. The network provides a global voice and data communication service via a constellation of 66 low-Earth orbiting satellites.

The system has multiple uses on a day-to-day basis for industries, such as maritime, aviation and government/military, as well as providing a lifeline for emergency and humanitarian services all over the world.

Generally, Iridium satellite telephones do not operate indoors, because the structure of the building blocks ingress and egress of the signal. However, the presence of a repeater means that Iridium devices do not require sky view to operate and users can remain inside control rooms or bunkers during an emergency. See a full explanation of Iridium repeater solutions here.


When it isn’t practical or safe to leave the building to use a satphone or data terminal, an Iridium repeater system overcomes the barrier put up by the building and enables satellite communications up to 3Km from the outdoor antenna location by using fibre optic cables.

Iridium users stay connected to the outside world at all times even if primary (terrestrial) communication networks are unavailable.


The 3Km separation from outdoor to indoor antennas is achieved by use of fibre optic cables.

Aside from significantly increasing the distances achieved over coaxial cable, fibre optic repeaters offer a number of functional benefits. Fibre optic cables are immune to radio frequency interference (RFI), provide protection from lightning damage and are simple and cost-effective to install.

Existing optical fibres in the building infrastructure can be used by connecting the Iridium repeater signals directly into a patch field, or a dedicated fibre optic cable can be installed for the sole use of the Iridium system.


Two roof-mounted antennas (one for transmitting and one for receiving) are connected to a waterproof outdoor unit (ODU) that converts the RF signals to optical signals. At the far end of the optical cable an indoor unit (IDU) converts the optical signals to RF. Two ceiling-mounted antennas receive and transmit the RF signal indoors.

The system works in reverse to transmit the signals from indoor to outdoor.

Our Iridium repeaters were initially designed and built for military use, although they have since been used in a wide variety of places around the world.

The military heritage means that the equipment is very robust, simple to set up and comes with a standard three-year warranty.

The Iridium receiver also passes GPS L1 and GLONASS signals from the roof antenna to the interior, making positional and timing information available to any GPS receiver within range.


FalTech is a UK-based supplier of repeater systems for GNSS/GPS and Iridium signals.

GPS repeaters are used in a large number of fire stations and police stations around the country, ensuring that GPS navigation devices receive a live signal at all times. Examples of a range of applications are available here.

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