In 2014, the Major General of the Israel Defence Forces Aviv Kochavi said “cyber, in my modest opinion, will soon be revealed to be the biggest revolution in warfare, more than gunpowder and the utilization of air power in the last century.”

Cyber attacks have become an established threat to global security.

foreseeti is a developer and vendor of CAD tools for analysing the cyber security of IT systems

At Red Tulip Systems, our vision is to be the world's largest virtual mobile device (VMD) provider, delivering a secure and consistent work platform to governments and corporations.

The newly implemented CESG Certified Cyber Security Consultancy scheme contributes significantly to the national commitment to improve the security of doing business online, by providing Executives with access to a selection of knowledgeable, skilled and experienced professionals that are readily available at critical stages of decision making.

Supplier Profiles

Soliton Systems

As a leading Japanese technology company, Soliton Systems develop innovative solutions for IT security, outside live video streaming and unique solutions for specific needs.