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The CPM Group is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products and are the only licensee of Redi-Rock™ modular blocks and retaining walls in the UK mainland. With two production facilities and four further sales and technical offices throughout the country, the Company ensures full UK customer service and delivery.

CPM introduced the Redi-Rock™ hostile vehicle mitigation walling (Vehicle Security Barriers – VSB) as an effective, re-usable solution to perimeter hostile vehicle attack, which is ideal for utility and critical infrastructure, building of high importance, military facilities, crowded places, civil/nuclear installations and transport hubs.


The Redi-Rock™ Force Protection system has been successfully tested by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) using the BSi specification PAS 68:2007, and achieved a classification of V/7500[N2]/48/90:1.6/0.0. To achieve this the freestanding concrete blocks systems interconnected with steel cable successfully arrested a 7.5 tonne lorry at impact speed of 48 kmph (30mph) with only 1.6m penetration of the load carrying space.

System advantages

The Redi-Rock™ hostile vehicle mitigation walling is a fast to install Lego™ like system (30m can be laid in circa 1.5 hours by 2-3 men) that is removable/relocatable. It requires no foundation or ground anchor as it uses its own weight and the integral cable dissipates kinetic energy.

Proven to stop a 7.5 Tonne truck at 48 kmph (30mph) the Redi-Rock™ hostile vehicle mitigation system is aesthetically pleasing, with the look of natural stone and can be coloured to blend with local environment

Easy to install

The 703kg freestanding blocks can be deployed, or picked up and moved, very quickly, with no ground work required.

All block styles are available with 75mm Horizontal Tube (for post tension cable) and/or 150mm Vertical Tubes (for mechanical tie-down bolts) to allow the blocks to be used in a Force Protection application.

The Redi-Rock security barriers can be used as a stand-alone system for outer boundary protection or can be retrofitted to reinforce an existing security fence.

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