Countering Tomorrow’s Threats Today


Law enforcement faces a myriad of challenges from violent extremism and crime with many agencies lacking the resources or expertise to up-skill their staff to match the requirement. When Law enforcement is judged to have failed to mitigate against the prevailing threats (such as through inadequate learning and development) the legal outcomes are often far reaching in terms of both finance and public confidence.

Through Training Excellence, Chenega Europe is Committed to Assisting our Clients Mitigate Threat
The Chenega Europe training team comprises subject matter experts drawn from the fields of Intelligence, Financial Crime, Military, Covert and General Policing, with skills and knowledge honed in conflict zones throughout the world. Our fully qualified trainers have proven track records in penetrating insurgent and criminal networks and are carefully vetted to ensure client confidence.

Based on the UK’s National Policing Curriculum, our training packages have been augmented and enhanced by international experience and best practise. At Chenega Europe we are diametrically opposed to offering a one cap fits all approach to training. Consequently, training packages are bespoke to individual client need and conform to International standards on human rights, diversity and equality. Our training is current, relevant, and realistic. Following detailed training needs analysis, we deliver programs for the continuous professional development of staff that can be reinforced by mentoring and online support. Through our partnerships with leading Universities, our trainees can achieve University accreditation upon reaching bench marked standards. Our OSINT course “OSEEC,” offered in partnership with Ulster University, Northern Ireland, is a market leader –training clients to harvest information from the vast open source social media arena and raising awareness of cyber related crime. The course also has the added benefit of giving students access to our social media monitoring and analytical capability ‘WeLink.’

Training Agility
All our training offerings can be delivered in a client’s own environment. Learning and development combines lectures, tutorials, and realistic practical exercises. Our bespoke training packages can also address short notice needs or pressing training gaps. We have recently delivered packages aimed at equipping our clients with the best available learning to tackle pressing crime trends such as money laundering, human trafficking, and cyber-crime.

Review and Report

Review. We have a specialist team headed by a recently retired, highly qualified senior Detective through which we have provided advice and guidance on unsolved homicide, terrorist atrocities, and serious sexual crime – both current and historic. The policing world is changing as countries recognize the importance of critical issues such as Human Rights compliance, Anti-corruption issues, and financial support for reform. Our team can review existing practice and deliver comprehensive reports to the host nation or donors on what is required to achieve such compliance – a team that can be deployed at short notice.

Report. We also offer valuable insight to clients in the form of detailed incident analysis, utilizing our highly trained analysts and our state of the art research platforms. Within hours of an incident occurring we can offer an accurate picture of what has occurred. Reporting can be tailored to a clients need and budget upon request.

Chenega Citadel
Under Chenega Citadel Chenega Europe offers holistic security management solutions aimed at putting your organization or government ahead of the threat. Our consultants work with clients to compile detailed threat analyses which, upon completion, can be used to develop a solution that matches both scale of threat and budget. Our extensive and evolving portfolio incorporates strategic partnerships that ensure our clients can choose from cutting edge technologies and services that offer real solutions to problem areas such as information analysis, surveillance, command and control, communications, and cyber security.

Everything we do at Chenega Europe is based on upholding the ethical principles that are embedded within the DNA of our parent company Chenega Corporation.

Chenega Corporation is an Alaska Native Corporation which figures prominently in the diverse government services contracting marketplace, and in the forefront among other Alaska Native Corporations’ service to their Shareholders and their community. Founded in 1974 as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, the Corporation began to participate in the government services marketplace in 1997. Today it performs on more than 250 federal contracts through a combination of negotiated best value and full-and-open competition vehicles. Chenega Corporation delivers best-value solutions and innovations to its customers with a diverse array of capabilities and experience. Its proven performance and socially responsible business model builds loyalty among its employees, a stronger return on investment for its customers, and further distinguishes Chenega as a trusted and respected leader in the government services contracting marketplace. To learn more visit our website.

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