Chenega Europe

Chenega Europe (CE) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chenega Corporation, the most successful Alaska Native Corporation to compete in the U.S. Federal DOD market space. CE takes these strengths and applies them to the international arena, offering dynamic and holistic software, solutions and services for mission-critical security operations across the globe.

Chenega Europe Training

Law Enforcement and Security Training

Law enforcement faces more challenges today than ever before. Threats posed by Terrorism, Serious and Organised Crime, Cyber Crime, Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation pervade all countries throughout the world. There are no borders, boundaries or safe havens.

The response to these challenges is critical. Chenega Europe has a solution.

CE provides Law Enforcement and Security Training in four key areas:

1). Intelligence based training
2). Investigative based training
3). Specialist police training
4). Firearms and close protection training

At CE, we have assembled a vetted team of subject matter experts who are culturally aware and respectful of the values and traditions of our hosts. They have extensive experience in Intelligence, Homicide, Kidnap and Extortion, Financial Crime, Counter Terrorism, Anti-Corruption, Firearms and General Policing fraternities. Our team have gained their expertise teaching, training and mentoring in conflict zones throughout the world.

Our bespoke training packages have their foundation within the UK policing model and are current, relevant and realistic.

Cyber Security Training

In partnership with Ulster University, Chenega Europe provides short vocational forms of study in areas of cyber security. These university accredited courses are available both in-class and online.

CE’s “Open Source Intelligence Course (OSINT)” launched fully online in January 2018. The course provides training in intelligence gathering in the digital era, including social media intelligence training and an introduction to the Dark Web. The course also equips students with the necessary skills to protect their own cyber footprint.

The second course to be launched fully online is our “Dark Web Investigations” Course, which covers topics such as Tor and the increasingly popular Bitcoin.


Chenega CITADEL offers a Holistic Security Management Solution aimed at positioning your organisation or government ahead of the threat.

Through a wide portfolio of strategic partnerships, Chenega Europe offers a range of technologies and services: from open source intelligence analysis and specialist surveillance, to the integration of multiple surveillance feeds into a single command and control platform. Using a stable of specialists drawn from the military and law enforcement sectors, CE provides security and technical engineering consultancy so together with the client, we can deliver risk mitigation solutions bespoke to the prevailing threat environment and budget.


Security starts with a detailed threat analysis and development of the measures required to mitigate them. Utilising our professional security and engineering expertise, Chenega Europe works with you to arrive at a bespoke security solution. Brought together under CITADEL, we will develop a product that matches both threat and budget.


With our wide range of technology partners, CE offers surveillance capabilities across the electronic spectrum, including open source media monitoring, legal intercept, 2D/3D recognition and a range of optical sensors.

Information Analysis

Our state of the art open source media monitoring and analytical capability has been developed using experienced military and law enforcement analysts. Chenega CITADEL clients can take advantage of our bespoke analytical services or product line to fulfil critical information requirements.

Command and Control Integration

To be effective in today’s complex environment, decision makers demand an accurate real-time operating picture. Integrating multiple feeds onto a selection of C2 platforms, we deliver a picture that is optimised for your decision-making needs.

Communications and Cyber Security

In today’s high threat environment, protecting an enterprise’s information is an evolving challenge. CE has an enterprise level capability to facilitate rapid post-attack remediation and enhanced network security. Recognising that information needs to be shared whilst mobile, we offer a flexible, secure communications platform using military grade end-to-end encryption.

Through-Life Services

Following consultancy, Chenega Europe has the capability to engineer, install, train and maintain the selected security solution so that it continues to operate at the required level of capability throughout its life.

Chenega Solutions

Risk Assessment & Threat Analysis

An important part of Chenega CITADEL is detailed risk assessment and threat analysis by our Subject Matter Experts. CE has a network of intelligence analysts in theatres throughout the world who provide real time analysis of regional issues and risks.

Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Compliance

Chenega Europe has a specialist team, led by the former Head of the Police Service Northern Ireland’s Serious Crime Review Team, who conduct reviews of police and security forces to deliver reports on what is required to achieve Human Rights and Anti-Corruption compliance.

Supplier Profiles

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Me and You Education is a collaboration between two companies with divergent backgrounds that provides deep insights into the murky and complex world of Counter Terrorism.