CAMSAT is a manufacturer of wireless devices in the surveillance and security sector which became very important, especially in turbulent and restless times that we face now. This causes a rapid development of technological solutions aiming to increase the efficiency of monitoring installations.

CAMSAT is a company that specializes in development and production of radio electronic devices intended for CCTV and TV. Our wireless solutions are dedicated to security systems, especially when the use of traditional wired solutions is impossible or uneconomical. Over the years of experience we developed a number of radio links delivering stable and high quality video signal transmission required by users.

Our customers have a choice of high quality video transmission kits in different technologies from analogue by CVI or AHD to digital IP HD video links. Each CAMSAT`s wireless video transmitter/receiver is characterized by excellent technical parameters and high quality standards. Advanced levels of technology and special iCAMSAT protocols deliver high reliability, durability and performance of each video device.

We also undertake to design and deliver customized microwave kits for special orders. We care about building a dialogue with our customers and so improve and increase reliability of our wireless CCTV systems. We are not afraid of complicated solutions, which can satisfy the most demanding customers and perfectly meet their obligations.

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