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Audax is a company at the forefront of mobile, digital evidence gathering technology. We are one of the worldwide leaders in developing Body Worn Video technology (BWV) and first started demonstrations of BWV Systems in July 2005 at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles. Audax led the World in 2006/2007 with our joint project with Devon & Cornwall Police / UK Home Office and our first BWV systems. Audax have worked closely with numerous Police Forces, Councils and customers around the World and have developed systems that exceed all the mandatory AND desirable features of the UK Home Office Guidance. With an office in Plymouth, and satellite offices in both Northern England and in Belgium; Audax have been developing technical solutions for a number of years and have an enviable track record in bringing new, exciting products to market.

The use of BWV can dramatically enhance the gathering of primary evidence at any incident. The camera can pick up and record everything an officer sees and hears, including details officers could never hope to recall when trying to document events on paper in a statement.

There have been countless examples of BWV being used to help secure convictions by ensuring offenders admit to their wrongdoings at much earlier stages in investigations.

BWV footage has also been used to disprove malicious complaints against police officers and BWV evidence has been used in courts to show what happened at an incident. A prepared statement can come across as very clinical and does not convey the emotions and atmosphere at the time an officer interacted with an offender. BWV Systems however, can capture those emotions.

The main benefits of body worn video technology are;

Enhanced Staff Safety

  • Reduced staff safety incidents (members of the public far less likely to behave in an abusive / aggressive manner if they know they are being recorded). Anecdotal evidence has shown that wearers of BWV Systems see them as a deterrent rather than a “target”

Time / Cost Savings (own agency and others)

  • Reduced staff time preparing defended hearing files / appearing in Court due to increase in guilty pleas (the unit records exactly what took place which provides compelling evidence as to people’s behaviour / actions)
  • Reduced cost to overall Justice system as a result.
  • Reduced time spent investigating complaints against staff (rather than having to interview / take statements from complainants, staff, witness etc from the outset, the video footage of the incident can be reviewed at the start of the investigation which may enable the complaint to be dealt with immediately)

Reduced Crime
Reduction in Crime Statistics from the Home Office report show a dramatic reduction in crime where officers have worn the Body Worn Video System.

Reduced Complaints

  • Members of the public are far less likely to make false allegations against staff if they know the interaction between them and the staff member is being recorded.

The Cambridge University study showed complaints by members of the public against officers fell by 93% over 12 months compared with the year before.

Dr Ariel, who is based at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology, said: "I cannot think of any [other] single intervention in the history of policing that dramatically changed the way that officers behave, the way that suspects behave, and the way they interact with each other."


Enhanced Staff Professionalism

  • Staff aware their actions / language are is being recorded

Reduced Liability

  • Assists in demonstrating your agencies commitment to taking all practical steps to provide a safe working environment under Duty of Care etc.

And looking to the future – Since our first days in 2005 as pioneers we are continuing with the ethos and are proud to have recently been awarded, via Horizon 2020 (The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, and managed by EASME (the executive agency for SMEs), a large Financial Grant for the development of a new technology. This will be a unique, wearable and non-intrusive Body Worn Video System that can screen people and bags and coupled with the live streaming of video and audio footage (via 4G or Wi-Fi) from BWV to a command centre, vehicle or even other agencies in another country which will undoubtedly assist in incident management. Visualisation of incidents can aid communication and information gathering across all partner agencies as well as having a direct impact on criminal activity. This technology will bring many benefits to the stakeholders and increase security in our communities throughout Europe and beyond. This large development project will require dealing with both software and hardware challenges, through to product launch, so is an exciting challenge for us on top of maintaining our current product growth which is surpassing our expectations. The possibilities are endless...

We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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