Black Watch Tactical

Black Watch Tactical

With the face of security changing and the threat of terrorism from fanatical organisations directed at soft targets in the United Kingdom is your company safe?

Welcome to ‘BLACK WATCH TACTICAL’ a security provider with more than 100 years front line experience in Military, Security & Risk Management that will find you the very best solution for your business.

Good management ensures that you are provided with the right type of security personnel of high ‘calibre’ that deliver the best security solutions for your needs, to establish and develop the most effective, highly flexible responsive unit to cover your risk on the ground & in the air when you need it the most.

The first impression your Company requires is of a smart well trained Crime Prevention Tactical Officer (CPTO) that can deal with any situation.

Our security personnel have been trained to protect Government buildings, airports, power stations, fuel refineries, anywhere that you will need a high ‘calibre’ security protection that can be deployed anywhere across the UK.

Our UAV security teams derive predominantly from ex-military and police backgrounds and have received their Remote Pilot Qualifications (RPQ) from leading Qualified Entity (NQE).

Day Operations

Using high definition optical zoom cameras, delivering up to 4K image quality at acute distances.

Night Operations

Applying advanced FLIR thermal imaging technology, providing human detection range beyond visual line of sight.


The deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in a dedicate surveillance role provides our coalesced security teams with significant, unsurpassed, strategic advantages.

UAVs are substantially effectual in the following areas:

Asset Protection.
Large open areas of terrain (cost saving & increased safety), Fire, and leakage discovery, Intruder detection & tracking of suspicious activity, Increase physical high profile deterrent / target hardening, Surveillance & counter surveillance support, Counter UAV / interception team, Close protection & residential security support, Enforcement of byelaws & ensuring HSE compliance on site, Prevention of corporate espionage, Mitigating organised crime, Protecting areas of mass crowd congregation. National infrastructure securement, Counter terrorism support, Blue light / responder support, Police, HART, Fire Service, SAR, CBRN.

We recognise that partnerships are stronger than working alone. Innovation and ‘BLACK WATCH TACTICAL’ go hand in hand throughout the life of the contract, with the free-flow of ideas making the innovation quicker and more relevant to the unique situation of protecting your assets.

Training from site Instructions and service level agreements (SLA), ensures that all relevant information is correct and to hand whilst still being secure. This gives a confident and smooth running of the day to day operations. Staff an visitor searches can be a contentious issue; ‘BLACK WATCH TACTICAL’ carries out this important task in a sensitive yet confident manner.

By adopting a flexible approach to every assignment, we find out how your organisation works, get to know your customers, management team, corporate ethos and your business environment. Together, we make sure we understand what makes your company tick and develop a bespoke first point of contact.

Our image is tailored to your guests to complement your vision and enhance your corporate brand.

For more information on Black Watch Tactical please visit our website.

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