Company Focus

Automatic Systems

Automatic Systems is getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Our company was founded in 1969 and has since become a global leader in the field of automated access control. For nearly half a century, we have been producing dependable equipment of high quality and performance for pedestrian, vehicle and passenger access.

We have developed a unique knowhow in premium obstacle design, in detecting the passage of large groups and in flow management. In order to be at the forefront of market trends and to meet the needs of our customers, we invest heavily in Research and Development. We also work with a group of highly skilled experts in every equipment component (mechanical, electronic, software…). All our equipment is installed on demand by our skilled technicians and partners. They are in charge of logistics, assembly, maintenance, repairs and technical support.

Our company is a part of the Bolloré Group, which is one of the 500 largest companies in the world.

We are present all over the world by means of our network of subsidiaries, which have sites in Belgium, France, Spain, The United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and the United States. We rely also on a large group of international and local distributors.

Automatic Systems has a comprehensive network of sales, customer services, maintenance programmes, technical support, spare parts and professional training. Our company has 3 sites for production and research & development (Belgium, France and Canada).

Every day over 90 million people use our equipment all over the world. Our products inspire a measure of confidence and reliability in our customers. Our wide range of products includes equipment of superior quality that can be adapted to all uses and circumstances.

Pedestrian products:

Our pedestrian products aim to automate the access control in a building or on a site, in order to guarantee a rapid flow, as well as enhanced security, all while lowering operating costs.

Vehicle products:

We have a wide range of vehicle barriers (short and medium length, security, fenced and extra-long), obstacles and retractable bollards (for toll zones, parking areas, entry to bridges and tunnels, underground passages…)

Passenger products:

Our access control equipment also includes secure passageways that meet the demands of public transport, immigration services, airports and railway transport. It boosts security and manages the flow of passengers (tripod turnstiles, high-security and retractable gates, one-way doors…)

High security products:

We have developed a portfolio of high security products that protect infrastructure and public spaces from vehicles, weapons, explosions and other break-ins (Burglar-proof barriers, retractable harrows, automatic or semi-automatic bollards, fixed or removable bollards…)