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Airborne Industries

Airbourne Industries

Airborne Industries design and manufacture Technical Military Inflatables including Tethered Aerostats for surveillance, communication and defence; Parachute Training Balloons and Targets and Decoys for Military Training uses.

With over 50 years experience within the industry Airborne Industries products have consistently proven effective for defence and military training use.

Airborne Industries Aerostats are designed to meet the individual needs of the customer, reducing the cost of helium inflation and eliminating the need for a large operations crew. Aerostats can be used to meet the needs of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions by utilising a wide range of payloads.

There are three ranges of Aerostat available. The Tactical Aerostat range is Airborne Industries answer to Rapid Response surveillance. The Tactical range can be deployed in as little as half an hour requiring a team of only four operators. This range of Aerostat’s most common payloads are light weight day/night cameras with object tracking and geo-location facilities and are most commonly used for border, large event and perimeter observation. 

The Operational Aerostat range are most commonly used for high quality mil-spec optics and specialised listening devices. This mid-size range offered by Airborne Industries can reach altitudes of 2000ft AMSL and upwards and can carry payloads up to 100kg.

The largest range of Aerostats manufactured by Airborne Industries is the Strategic Aerostat range which measures from 850m³. Strategic Aerostats have the ability to carry multiple payloads at altitudes up to 4000ft AMSL making the range a natural choice for wide area surveillance where security and control is paramount.

Parachute Training Balloons
Airborne Industries Parachute Training Balloons (PTB’s) are a solution to cost effective military parachute training. Customers have reported that PTB’s are calculated to be over 80 times more cost effective than using a C-130 for parachute training and over 50 times more cost effective than using a helicopter.

Targets & Decoys
Airborne Industries range of Targets & Decoys have been used by the UK MOD for decades. There are two tubing structures manufactured by Airborne Industries a Simple Structure tubing method and a Complex Structure tubing method which can meet high levels of representation.

Inflatable Product Development
The company have helped to develop and manufacture a wide range of unique inflatable products for customers including airships, inflatable buildings, advertising products and military shelters.