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The Hope and Pray Method of Crisis and Business Continuity Management!

Has your organisation put in place all the steps to cope with and recover from a terrorist incident or major crisis , by testing and exercising your procedures , training staff, checking out those assumptions you have made? , If any of these have not been done , like it or not you have inadvertently chosen the “Hope and Pray” method , which means ; hoping a serious incident threatening the organisation’s ability to continue business will not happen and if it does praying your organisation can continue it’s business, survive and recover. I very much doubt that despite being optional you don’t take this approach with your household insurance!

We specialise in helping organisations develop robust, risk based and affordable solutions to cope with a range of risks from terrorist incidents to key customer failure, sudden loss of premises, IT failure, fire and flood.

We will carry out a free review of your risks and gaps, and can then work with you on a programme to remediate together with your in house teams help you with all these items including:

  • Documentation
  • Facilitate desktop exercises
  • Training staff and senior management in how to deal with crisis
  • IT systems vulnerabilities to cyber-attack and hacking
  • Documenting and testing your IT disaster recovery and backups
  • Utilisation of new technology to reduce the risks

By preparing for the large incidents your organisation will be much better able to deal with and eliminate some of the smaller but still disruptive incidents and be more efficient as a result
The one thing harder than planning for a disaster is explaining why you didn’t .

Contact us now for a free informal consultation, don’t wait till it is too late, you owe it to your staff shareholders and customers as they assume you have all this in place already .

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Soliton Systems

As a leading Japanese technology company, Soliton Systems develop innovative solutions for IT security, outside live video streaming and unique solutions for specific needs.